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On April 16th I wrote on the Go…

On April 16th, I asked Michael Rushmore to post an offer on the Go Boards, as I was desperately trying to attract a few bodies to Lee Walton’s talk:

“Also, Professor John Muse will make ‘a fantastic sandwich’ for the person at this event who asks a question, and, in their question, uses the word ‘pants’ either as a noun or a verb (preferably both).”

Peter Loewi answered the call and the put on these pants. Both of them.  Today, I made him a sandwich.

Warning: animated gif of sandwich!

On March 16th all 1,920 Haverford students faculty…

Nick Kahn vs. Chris Mills, April 20th, 2012

On March 16th, 2012 the Haverford College Exhibitions Program entered all 1,920 Haverford students, faculty, and staff into a single-elimination skee-ball tournament.  In the opening weeks 729 played competitive games.  On April 20th, after 7 rounds, only sixteen remained.  Before nearly 100 spectators, The Sweet Sixteen—thirteen students, three staff members, and one member of the faculty—competed for the top prize: 12 pledges made by over one-hundred 5th round players and a trip to Greensboro, NC, to be feted by artist Lee Walton and friends.  At 1:15pm, the final game was played: Nick Kahn ’14, a double-major in English and French, versus Director of Communications and Haverford alumnus, Chris Mills ’82.  With Chris on lane 1 and Nick on lane 3, they began their round together.  Chris finished first with a score of 290; Nick had one ball left and a score of 260.   Continue reading