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Having grown up skateboarding I have long been…

Having grown up skateboarding, I have long been connected and obsessed with stickers and sticker culture. I know stickers (especially in skateboarding) began as a simple and cost effective means of branding for companies, but there’s something about the iconography of stickers and stickering I simply can’t ignore. To me there’s more embedded in the adhesive than a company name. There’s personality, choice, identification, proclamation, and other nuanced personal connections and stories for days. This is perhaps why I am so excited to see the stickers that have surfaced in Philadelphia touting the title and the final truth of the exhibition And the Winner is Nick Kahn. After a long tough tournament Nick was declared the winner thus changing the exhibition’s name and in turn making Nick a brand. And what a brand! Who doesn’t love a winner, especially one as endearing and enjoyable to watch as Nick. He displayed and unbridled excitement for his win and has carried that joy on into the various participatory prizes he has claimed. Nick and his achievements, like those of all winners is something worth cheering and I for one am glad to see the news of his win being spread far and wide!

On Monday May 7th Nick Kahn collected another…

On Monday, May 7th, Nick Kahn collected another pledge:

This is my room-mate and friend, David Robinson, serving my custom-mixed sauce and drink. He did remember the ice cubes. Some other highlights include him having to peel at least 6 oranges for everyone present. This is funny because he is notorious for asking outrageous favors, one of his favorites being to ask others to peel his oranges so that he can eat them. I also asked him to go to the chicken tenders and ask the server for an entire plate. He returned with a mountainous pile of tenders which we all shared. For dessert I requested a root beer float, which he made very well.

Nick Kahn sent me the following report on…

Yesterday, Nick Kahn sent me the following report on his Friday, May 11th experience with Professor Alex Norquist, who had pledged “to spend 30 minutes blowing stuff up” with the winner:

Hey John, I did a little write-up on the plane. Sorry it’s so long; as Mark Twain said, I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.

I met Professor Norquist in his office, and after having congratulated me (which still makes me feel strange), he took me downstairs into a sort of garage that the INSC has. He had already loaded up a cart full of fun explosives. Continue reading