On March 16th, 2012 the Haverford College Exhibitions Program entered all 1,920 Haverford students, faculty, and staff into a single-elimination skee-ball tournament.  In the opening weeks 729 played competitive games.  On April 20th, after 7 rounds, only sixteen remained.  Before nearly 100 spectators, The Sweet Sixteen—thirteen students, three staff members, and one member of the faculty—competed for the top prize: 12 pledges made by over one-hundred 5th round players and a trip to Greensboro, NC, to be feted by artist Lee Walton and friends.  At 1:15pm, the final game was played: Nick Kahn ’14, a double-major in English and French, versus Director of Communications and Haverford alumnus, Chris Mills ’82.  With Chris on lane 1 and Nick on lane 3, they began their round together.  Chris finished first with a score of 290; Nick had one ball left and a score of 260.