• Round I (1920 to 1024 players): 10 days: 11am Fri, Mar 16 – 5pm Sun, Mar 25
  • Round II (1024 to 512 players): 7 days: 11am Mon, Mar 26 – 5pm Sun, Apr 1
  • Round III (512 to 256 players): 6 days: 11am Mon, Apr 2 – 5pm Sat, Apr 7
  • Round IV (256 to 128 players): 4 days: 12pm Sun, Apr 8 – 8pm Wed, Apr 11
  • Round V (128 to 64 players): 4 days: 11am Thur, Apr 12 – 5pm Sun, Apr 15
  • Round VI (64 to 32 players): 2 days: 11am Mon, Apr 16 – 5pm Tue, Apr 17
  • Round VII (32 to 16 players): 2 days: 11am Wed, Apr 18 – 5pm Thu, Apr 19
  • Rounds VIII – XI (16 to 1 winner): 1.5 hours: 12:30pm – 2:00pm Fri, Apr 20



Friday, 3/16, 5:30-8:30pm, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery:
And the Winner Is… opening reception. The tournament begins!

Monday, 3/19, 4:30pm, Stokes 102:
artist talk by Hank Willis Thomas
Willis Thomas is at Haverford for a week-long residency to support two exhibition he has proposed for the spring of 2013.

Wednesday, 3/21, 2:30pm, Stokes 102:
Julie Wyman, director of STRONG! visits Professor Vicky Funari’s Documentary Video Production class. All are welcome.

Wednesday, 3/21, 7:30pm, Sharpless Auditorium, KINSC:
sneak-preview of the documentary film STRONG!

Cheryl Haworth is America’s top Olympic weightlifter, ranked well above all men and women on Team USA. But at 5 foot 8 inches, weighing over 300 pounds, she doesn’t easily fit into standard chairs, clothing sizes, or pre-conceptions. STRONG! chronicles an athlete’s struggle to defend her champion status as her weightlifting career inches towards its inevitable end, exploring the contradiction of a body that is at once celebrated within the confines of her sport and shunned by mainstream culture.

Three-time Olympian Cheryl Haworth, Director Julie Wyman, and Editor Vicky Funari (Haverford College Independent College Programs) will be in attendance. STRONG! is part of the Strange Truth Documentary Film Series hosted by Prof. Vicky Funari.

Thursday, 3/22, 8:00am, Arn and Nancy Tellem Fitness Center, GIAC:
weightlifting workshop featuring three-time Olympian Cheryl Haworth, facilitated by Cory Walts, Haverford’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Field Hockey Head Coach Jackie Cox

Thursday, 3/22, 12:00pm, Stokes 102:
conversation with weightlifter Cheryl Haworth and filmmaker Julie Wyman on competition, gender, and other issues raised by Wyman’s film STRONG! Haverford’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Cory Waltz, Women’s Field Hockey coach Jackie Cox, and athletes will participate. A light lunch will be provided.

Monday, 3/26, 4:30pm, Stokes 102:
keynote lecture by Ted Purves, Chair of the California College of the Arts MFA Program in Fine Art and founder of the MFA Area for Social Practice. Title for the lecture: Melees and Other Social Forms: The Implosion of Art, Life, and Gaming

Monday, 4/2, 4:30pm, Stokes 102:
artist talk by Sal Randolph

Tuesday, 4/3, 1:00pm, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery:
Combat Log by Sal Randolph

Randolph will create a “combat log” of the tournament, banging out a record of the games being played on her rickety manual typewriter. Part performance, part art-game, part drawing or poetry, her action will leave a long scroll of typed paper in its wake, a trace of what happened or might have happened. Games are ephemeral, but they leave tracks in the form of scores and statistics, recordings of images and play-by-plays. Online games like World of Warcraft automatically create textual records as you play, “combat logs,” which list every action in copious numerical detail. Scores and logs like these are relentlessly literal, yet abstract. They record only what is relevant to the outcome of the game; everything experiential is lost into memory and myth. Inspired by gaming combat logs, but also by the long typed scroll of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the poems Frank O’Hara composed during his lunch hour on a sidewalk demo typewriter, Randolph will attempt the impossible task of capturing, on the fly, what is most salient about the game as it happens in real time.

Wednesday, 4/4, 11:00am, Magill Library:
The Order of the Third Bird: Gaming Protocols of Practical Aesthesis

The Order of the Third Bird is an association of like-minded individuals who work at the convergence of performance and aesthetic theory. Members of the Order cultivate inherited practices of attention suitable to the occasion of a work of art. Temporary metempsychosis may occur, but must not become permanent. Sal Randolph, D. Graham Burnett, Editor or Cabinet Magazine, and other members of the order in attendance.

Thursday, 4/5, 6:00pm, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery:
Black Tie Tailgate hosted by artist Jong Kyu.

Join artist Jong Kyu (aka Dave) for a black tie tailgate party for Versus: an interdisciplinary conversation about competition. A variety of classic tailgate foods will be served in four courses, each delivered in round skeeball form. Tailgaters are also encouraged to compete amongst the cornhole, washers, and giant jenga boards that will be set up for the evening. Recommended dress is Creative Black Tie Optional; modern and trendy interpretations of formal wear as well as Casual After Five dress is also welcome, but not required.

In short: dress up, eat, play skeeball, play cornhole, and get pumped for the discussion.

Thursday, 4/5, 7:30pm, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery:
Versus: an interdisciplinary conversation about competition featuring Tom Donnelly (Haverford College Cross Country Coach), Indradeep Ghosh (Haverford College Economics Department), Tim Harte (Bryn Mawr College Russian Department), Rachel Hoang (Haverford College Biology Department), Jesse Shipley (Haverford College Anthropology Department), and Wendy Sternberg (Haverford College Psychology Department).

Monday, 4/9, 2pm, Swan Multipurpose Room in the GIAC
Shaun El C. Leonardo in concert with Visiting Assistant Professor of Writing and English Christian Du Comb ’01 will present a two-hour intensive workshop that examines the relationship between individual identity and social being. The group will discuss and demonstrate, through different physical and mental exercises, the difficulty in expressing identities, energies, and personalities within a group dynamic. The performance tasks will work to resolve the discomfort with projecting oneself. The workshop will culminate in a group performance.

Monday, 4/9, 7:30pm, Stokes 102:
artist talk by Shaun El C. Leonardo

Wednesday, 4/11, 8:00pm, Ryan Gym:
Shaun El C. Leonardo will present a collaborative work, The Orchestra of Failure, featuring student athletes, raucous witnesses, and feats of endurance.

Monday, 4/16, 4:30pm, Stokes 102:
artist talk by Lee Walton

Friday, 4/20, 12:30pm, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery:
The Sweet 16! The tournament concludes!