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So this morning when trying to send out…

So this morning, when trying to send out the reminder emails to everyone who hasn’t played, we instead started to send approximately 2000 emails to every player! During our breakfast, Aaron and I realized our mistake and sprinted back to the gallery to shut it down. We were quick enough that only 1 lucky person received around 600 emails! So we fixed it all and gave her flowers haha. There’s always stuff to do!
-Adam and Aaron

Finally some news from the internal side the…

Finally some news from the internal side… the software Aaron and I created to manage the tournament crashed hard on Saturday, and we have been working just as hard to try to prevent any more errors.  We wouldn’t want to lose all of the scores again!

What went wrong? First, we had no backups — not really a good idea, but the only possible errors were system limitations that we couldn’t have foreseen unless we had run into them before.  Then, we added a daily back up — that wasn’t very helpful when they were submitting 200 scores a day!  So, now we have a rotating back-up system as well that will save the last 20 states of the data.  Now if anything happens (which, I don’t think is possible since we’ve scoured the code for errors) we will only lose 1 (one), I repeat ONE!, score!

Progress, my friends.  (and, of course, Parkinson’s Law).  The first time all of the data was lost was the WORST possible time — right before they wanted to end the round!

Oh well, problem solved!

Thanks to the hard work of Aaron and…

Thanks to the hard work of Aaron and Adam, our first email notification went out yesterday.  If you are a member of the Haveford community, i.e., a student, a member of the staff or faculty, and you did not receive a message yesterday from hc-exhibits@haverford.edu announcing the tournament—or know someone who didn’t but should have—please let us know.  Write to hc-exhibits@haverford.edu.