Nick has chosen his prizes items pledged during…

Nick has chosen his other prizes, items pledged during the 5th round of the competition.

They are as follows:

  • Philip Drexler: I will praise the winner in Facebook status updates for a week.
  • Victoria Funari: I will draw portrait of the winner.
  • Sonia Giegel: I will cook a dinner for the winner.
  • Alexander Norquist: I will spend 30 minutes with the winner blowing stuff up.
  • David Robinson: I will serve the winner as a waiter at the DC for a day.
  • Michael Rushmore: I will put up 50 stickers in Philly say “Nick Kahn is the winner.”
  • Micah Walter: I will perform a 30 minute Celtic fiddle concert for the winner.
  • Jon Sweitzer-Lamm: I will create one handmade book for the winner.

Philip started Facebook status updates yesterday.  Today, Vicky Funari drew the portrait.  And this Monday David will serve Nick.  More picts and stories coming soon.