How did our winner Nick Kahn come by…

How did our winner, Nick Kahn, come by this handsome t-shirt and skee-ball trophy?During an April 25th debriefing at the gallery for all the gallery staff, Nick popped in.  After the brief round of applause he said, “I’ve been looking for you.”  His soccer coach, Shane Rineer, had presented this trophy and t-shirt to him.  He had received it from  Joanne Miller.  Joanne, looking for a possible Round Five pledge, had written to Eric Pavony of The Full Circle Bar, national home of Brewskee-Ball.  She mentioned our tournament and her quest.  Eric wrote back:

Amazing! Love it and want to help out. Will get ya some FCB T-Shirts. I can also send you guys a Brewskee-Ball High Roller trophy too!  I’d love to know more about the tournament and this exhibit, I would love to promote it to our league. It’s so up their alley.  Shoot me a mailing address where I can send you some cool stuff.
Thanks and chat soon.
Let the good times roll,

But the day after Nick’s triumph—while Nick was in Greensboro with Lee Walton—Joanne and her daughter traveled to The Full Circle, met Eric and bartender Luke, picked up the shirt and the trophy—which Eric kindly donated to And The Winner Is…—brought these back to Haverford, and delivered them to Shane.  Who delivered them to Nick.

And the winners are Nick, Joanne, her daughter, Eric, Luke, and Shane.