The library has launched their own competition in…

Inspired by And the Winner Is… and the work of artist Nina Katchadourian, Magill library has launched their own competition: “Create Your Own ‘Ford Fairy Tale.”  Here are the instructions:

‘Ford Fairy Tales Submission Information

Create your own ‘Ford Fairy Tale! Use the titles of the books here in Magill to author an original story or poem. Submissions will be accepted Monday 3/26 through Sunday 4/1. Voting will take place on Tuesday 4/3 from 4:30-6:00, and the winners will receive fabulous prizes!

How to Make a Submission

Step 1.Form a team! Submissions can be made individually or from a group. Each student can be a part of no more than 2 teams.

Step 2.Create an original story or poem using 15 book titles or less.

Step 3.Check out the books you wish to use. Tell the Circulation Desk that you’re checking them out to the lobby for the competition.

Step 4.Take a numbered form from the Circulation Desk, fill it out and put it into the box marked “Submissions.”

Step 5.Place your books on the section that corresponds with the number on your form in the order you want them read.

Step 6.Come back on Monday 4/3 from 4:30-6:00 to vote, eat some delicious breadsticks, and potentially collect your prize!

Thank you Terry Snyder!  And speaking of skee-ball, Terry talks a good game, but now she has to play.  That first round bye offered safe but temporary passage.  What about now?