Email announcing the first round pairings went out…

Email announcing the first round pairings went out this morning. A few people are writing in to to say that they either can’t or don’t want to participate. What if you’re supposed to play someone in the first round who has opted out?  Remember, just because your opponent has withdrawn, doesn’t mean you have a bye, an automatic pass to the next round. Here’s the rule:

If only one player of a pair plays during a round, this player will automatically advance to the next round. If neither player plays, then neither advances. In the next round the player who would have have played the winner of this latter pair, neither of whom played, will receive a bye.

If neither plays, then neither advance.  To advance you must play, unless you have received an official bye.  If your opponent forfeits, you don’t thereby receive a bye.  You must play to advance.