Scorecards   Every tournament game played during And…

Scorecards!  Every tournament game played during And the Winner Is… will be recorded. Here’s the scorecard.

Each player will have a card.  Each roll will be recorded, as will the final score of each game. If you win your round, you stay in the tournament. If you lose, you can stay in too; play 10 games to compete for highest score and highest average score.

During the 5th round, players will be asked to pledge a task they’re willing to donate to the winner and immediate runners-up, anything from a “I’ll bake you cookies” to “I’ll proofread your paper” to “I’ll trade any one of my comic books for any one of yours” to “I’ll take care of your pets while you’re out of town.”

Note too that each player can affiliate with two groups.  Create and play for teams! E.g., your customs group, your club, your house, your sports team, your class, your office, etc. When recording your first game, gallery staff will ask you how you wish to affiliate. Just mention your groups and they’ll take care of the rest. A group, to be scored in team competition, must have at least four members but can be any as large as you want. We’ll record your affiliation and keep track of highest scores by members and highest averages by groups.

Thank you, Heads of State, our design team.