Beginning Friday March 16th at 5:30pm The Cantor…

Beginning Friday, March 16th at 5:30pm, The Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery will host a single elimination skee-ball tournament as part of And the Winner Is…, an exhibition about competition, cooperation, and community.  The tournament opens March 16th and will conclude on Friday, April 20th. All 1,920 members of the Haverford Community—faculty, staff, and students—are invited to participate.

5 lanes.  1,920 players.  11 tournament rounds.  One winner.

If you want to play and compete, do nothing now: you will receive an email on Thursday, March 15th telling you who your first-round opponent is.  You can coordinate with your opponent to play together, but you don’t have to.  Just come to the gallery during normal gallery hours, practice for as long as you like, then tell a member of the gallery staff that you’re ready to play your tournament game.  Play, and the staff member will record your score.  You will then receive an email at the beginning of the next round.  If you’ve won your round, we’ll let you know your next opponent and the date by which you must play to stay alive in the tournament.

And even if you lose your round you can still compete!  Roll 10 tournament games to vie for the highest scores: highest average score, highest single-game score.

If you don’t play your first round game, we’ll remove you from the tournament.  No more emails.  We promise.

And the Winner Is… also features visiting artists, guest speakers, and other activities.  See the schedule for a list of events.

Visiting the gallery but not affiliated with Haverford? You may play and compete as well. See the Rules page for details.

Other details:

  1. One lane has been fitted with a mechanical assist to enable those with physical disabilities to compete.  If you would like to use this lane, please notify a member of the gallery staff when you visit.
  2. Players who make it to the 5th round will be asked to pledge a task they are willing to perform for the winner, anything from a “I’ll bake you cookies” to “I’ll proofread your paper” to “I’ll trade any one of my comic books for any one of yours” to “I’ll take care of your pets while you’re out of town.”
  3. The grand prize will include an all-expense-paid trip to Greensboro, North Carolina (subject to some ticketing restrictions), hosted by participating artist Lee Walton.  For the winner Walton and his students at UNC will prepare songs, a few meals, and a grand tour.
  4. You can also curate music to win and lose by.  Share playlists with us, and your music will stream live in the gallery.
  5. Play for a team! E.g., your customs group, your club, your house, your sports team, etc. Every player may affiliate with up to two groups. When the gallery staff record your games, they will ask how you wish to affiliate. Just mention your group names. A group, to be scored in team competition, must have at least four members but can be any as large as you want. We’ll record your affiliation and keep track of highest scores by members and highest averages by groups.
  6. Have lunch in the gallery.  Play skee-ball.  For this show only, food and drink will be permitted in the gallery.

—John Muse & Matthew Callinan, Exhibition Curators

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